6th April 2017

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The Best Level of Service in Paving Cleaning

A great block paving clean starts with a treatment to kill off all the weeds, this needs to be done a couple of weeks or so before the clean takes place. Ideally the weeds should be actively growing so that the weed killer is absorbed into the leaves and passed onto the roots as deep rooted weeds can’t be killed by the pressure washing process generally. Weedkiller won’t kill off moss, so a separate moss killing treatment may also be required.

Care When Jet Washing each surface

Every surface needs a different approach when using a pressure washer, the equipment and pressure needed to clean a block paved drive is very different to natural stone which is different to concrete finished slabs. The use of too much pressure can badly damage certain surfaces too little pressure will not have the desired result. We will always advise on the best possible cleaning method or give you a choice of options to meet your budget and care for your property in the best way.

The Best Power Washing Equipment Possible

A good pressure washer is an essential piece of equipment for any Exterior Cleaning company. However all pressure washers are not equal. We have the best commercial pressure washing equipment available as we know how much difference having the right tool for the job makes. We use large flat surface cleaners, ceramic rotary nozzles and ceramic fan jets. These can be used  with different flow rates, pressures, nozzles, temperatures and fuel types for different jobs.

We have invested in a range of different pressure washers to meet the needs of different job specifications. We can impress you with exceptional results and the speed and efficiency with which we can get the job done.
Our Pressure Washing van and trailers mean that we can have multiple users working on the same job to minimise disruption and get the job done quickly.

We also utilise the latest telescopic carbon fibre pressure washing power poles, this means we can effectively clean surfaces around 40 feet up without the need for costly access equipment.

Specialist Steam Cleaning

Steam is a powerful cleaner, it can remove many stains that are impossible for cold water to clean. We can produce steam at high and low pressure at 150 degrees C! This is possible as the water is super heated under pressure. Sometimes hot water or steam cleaning makes the job easier and quicker as hot water is a natural cleaner. It is also essential in many situations such as street cleaning where chewing gum and graffiti needs to be cleared from the surface.

Chemical Treatments for an excellent clean and long lasting results

Often the additional application of a chemical treatment before or after pressure washing can Have much better results than pressure Washing alone. The reason is than pressure washing will not always kill the living growth on a surface such as Lichen, algae or moss. A chemical pre treatment on some substrates that are delicate before pressure washing can be very beneficial as when the biological growth is dead, it releases its grip on the surface, therefore a much lower pressure can be used to clean it away which protects the surface from unnecessary damage.

Sealing of Paving and jointing Sand

We are registered installers for Smart Seal and can generally seal most paving to protect it. The mistake many make when sealing block paving for example is not using enough sealant, this means the sand does not set very hard. We use the recommended coverage of 2 Sqm per litre of sealant, this means the sand in between the joints sets rock hard and it gives the best possible protection against weed seeds finding their way back in to grow.

Doff Stone Cleaning

We can offer Doff steam cleaning when this is specified for listed and historic buildings, the low pressure steam can also be useful on many surfaces where a more gentle approach is required. The Doff system is recognised by Architects and surveyors as the right tool for the job in many situations when preserving the substrate is of utmost concern. We aim to treat every property with respect regardless of age or construction, however sometimes a Doff Steam cleaner supplied by Stonehealth is the only tool for the job.

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