6th April 2017

Roof Cleaners in Llanelli & Carmarthen

We can clean away years of staining, moss and Lichen build up from the roof of your property. This not only enhances the look of the property but also ensures that it is protected from damage. Biological growth literally eats away at many roof surfaces. The extra weight and expansion of moss can cause leaks and undesirable water creep under tiles and other roofing materials. A thorough clean and treatment of the roof may add many years to its serviceable life.

We have specialist low pressure steam cleaning equipment and we can thoroughly kill off the moss and lichen with a Biocidal treatment to ensure a long lasting clean. Many roof surfaces can be easily damaged so we survey each roof and take into account the type of roof surface when deciding which cleaning methods to use and can make minor repairs as needed such as replacing tiles and re-pointing hips and ridges.

We are certified in rope access, work positioning and rescue to overcome any access issues and provide cost effective, safe solutions. We also have the use of cherry pickers and access towers should the need arise.

A tailored approach to roof Cleaning in Llanelli, Carmarthen and Swansea

Every roof is slightly different, the roofing materials, condition of the roof, pitch, type of growth or staining on the roof and the access options available. All of these can effect how the roof should be cleaned. We make a thorough assessment of your roof to decide the best possible way of cleaning and we can usually present the property owner or manager with a number of options. We have cleaned roofs in many coastal areas like Ferryside, Kidwelly, Pwll, Burry Port, Mumbles Swansea and we find that the type of growth in these areas differ to only a few miles inland such as Carmarthen, Pontyberem, Llandeilo, Ammanford or Pontardawe. The presence of salt can also influence the effectiveness of the cleaning treatments and we bear this in mind when completing the roof clean.


Moss Removal and then treatment is essential

Just removing the moss from a roof will have a very short lived effect as the moss has established a colony already, conditions are perfect for the moss to regrow and recolonise the roof. A bit like cutting back vegetation in order for it to grow back stronger. It is therefore essential to treat the roof to kill the algae, moss and lichens if a long lasting clean is to be achieved.


Specialist and Cost Effective Access Solutions

Working on a roof carries serious risk of injury or death, unfortunately a number of people have been killed recently from falling from height when roof cleaning, also business owners have been prosecuted for undertaking unsafe works on roofs.
It is essential that a robust Risk Assessment is carried out for each roof cleaning job and the safety of both the workers and the public is first priority. A safe method of working does not always have to be expensive. We have trained in specialist Rope Access to British Standard level for roof cleaning. Using abseil equipment and techniques means we can often complete work without expensive access equipment such as cherry pickers. When Cherry pickers or Scaffold Towers are required we have all the necessary licences, training and experience to use these safely. Of course some roofs can be cleaned without the need to set foot on them at all and this option would always be our first choice if possible, however we have found that some roof cleaning can only be undertaken properly and thoroughly up close.


The Best Possible Equipment

We have invested in the best possible equipment to do the job thoroughly, quickly and efficiently. The right equipment is essential for efficient roof cleaning. We have the very best steam cleaning and chemical delivery systems that money can buy, and we have even invented some pieces of equipment ourselves where they didn’t exist. For example we couldn’t find a suitable scraper for gently removing moss from a Natural Slate Roof. We found all the metal scrapers on the market were too harsh and could cause scratches. So we developed our own plastic scraper that fits onto the end of a telescopic carbon fibre pole. The right kind of pressure washers, steam cleaners and long reach poles are all helpful when cleaning various types of roof surfaces.
Not all roof surfaces are suitable for pressure washing, some are more suited to removing the moss by hand, but if pressure washers can be used Its essential to use the right amount of pressure and rinsing nozzles for the surface in question.


Expert Supervision of your Roof Cleaning

By its nature Roof Cleaning should not be undertaken by the inexperienced due to the safety aspects and the knowledge needed. As we are a small business, Mike the Director would always supervise and do much of the actual roof cleaning, so you can rest assured that the job will be properly supervised and the work will be carried out safely.


Protective Roof Coatings

Concrete roof tiles in particular can loose the coloured surface finish over time. Erosion from the weather over many years wears away at the surface. Also moss, fungus and lichen growth also degrade the coating of the roof tiles and may even literally eat away at the mineral content. After the roof has been cleaned it is possible to re coat these tiles in various colours to obtain an attractive finish and protect the roof tiles. It’s really important that the roof is thoroughly cleaned and treated first to give a sound base for the coating.


Your Property will be left Clean and Tidy

Roof Cleaning can be a messy job but we always make sure we leave the property clean and tidy. We will protect or move plants and cover over any gravel or grass areas that could be difficult to clean afterwards. It’s really important also to empty out all the gutters and make sure there are no blockages so we always clean and leak test the gutters as part of our clean up procedure.


Areas Covered

We cover all of South Wales, West Wales and Mid Wales for Roof Cleaning. So call now for a free roof cleaning survey and quote. From a Rubber membrane roof of a shopping centre in Cardiff to a Welsh Slate Roof on a cottage in Llandovery, we can provide an exceptional roof cleaning service.