6th April 2017

Graffiti removal in Llanelli Carmarthen and Swansea

Graffiti Removal generally requires specialist cleaning equipment and chemicals. Our cleaning equipment can gently tackle the toughest jobs. We can clean pavements of ground in chewing gum, graffiti on walls and even strip unwanted paint from brick and other surfaces.

Firstly we look at the type of surface that needs to be cleaned of paint or marker pen. Some surfaces are extremely easy to clean of unwanted paint and may just require a simple chemical wipe to remove. Other delicate surfaces take much more thought to clean in order to avoid any damage.

This is where a knowledgeable and skilful company should be chosen to undertake the work, it may even be necessary to employ soda or dry ice blasting equipment in order to get the best results.

Our low-pressure steam cleaning services are also an excellent option when cleaning delicate stone surfaces or where the use of chemicals is not permitted such as near waterways or canals.

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