Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal

Roof Moss removal and restoration
In the damp Uk climate moss can thrive on our roof tops. It sometimes looks quite in keeping with the property. But it is worth considering the damage that can be caused by additional weight, also expansion of moss during freezing can cause damage and crack pointing. The additional moisture that is held by moss on a rooftop can also affect its thermal performance.

Moss can also be quite unsightly on some roof surfaces making it look uncared for. Many modern roof coverings such as man made slate also have a coating on them, as moss attaches itself and spreads it removes the coating where it grows and this again can be quite unsightly.
Moss growing and rolling down the roof can cause problems with the gutter continually blocking, birds root around in the moss looking for a tasty insect snack and cause a mess, they also add their guano to the roof adding fertiliser to encourage other plant life to take root.

The best way to deal with the problem can vary depending on the type of roof covering, the age of the roof, access concerns etc.
However there are two basic principles. The moss first of all needs to be removed. Secondly, the surface should always be treated to kill off the moss and remove the food base for algae and fungus. A product that will destroy fungus and other biological organisms should be used. A pressure washed surface may look clean, but the moss will be back in short order if this step is not taken and it may be back worse than before.
Various methods of clearing away the moss can be used depending on the roof surface. You should be concerned if employing someone to pressure wash your roof as a great deal of damage could be caused by using the wrong technique. Some surfaces are more suited to other types of removal such as using hand tools to gently remove.

Once the moss is removed it may be much easier to see what the true condition of the roof is and spot any problems such as damaged tiles or degraded pointing. After a thorough clean it should be much easier to complete these repairs and these minor repairs can often be done on the day of the roof clean.
Often roof cleaning is beyond the scope of the property owner as safety concerns and the specialist access equipment needed means that the professionals need to be called in.

How can I choose a Professional Roof Cleaning company? A personal recommendation from someone who has already had work carried out can really help. We would always ask that you have a look at our online reviews.

Safety is a big concern, due to inherent risks, working on roofs should only be completed by competent individuals with the required working at height training. Fall arrest systems to protect the lives of workers and a Risk Assessment are required by law for anyone working on a covered roof. Can you trust a company to care for your roof and your property if it doesn’t care for the law or the lives of its workers? We would always recommend that you look at the qualifications and credentials of a company before instructing them to work on your roof.

A range of techniques and equipment should be available. A good roof cleaning company will take into account the type of roof slates or tiles and choose the right method of moss removal. This could be using a combination of hand tools, low pressure steam, chemical cleaning or cold water pressure washing depending on the amount of moss and the type of tile. If the roof is to be sealed or coated afterwards then this may also effect the type of cleaning chosen.

Concrete Tiles that are aged and weathered can look new again by restoring the coating in a range of different colours, this makes the tile far less porous offering some protection from future moss growth.

Feel free to contact us for some no obligation advice or if you would like a quotation for cleaning, treating or coating your roof.

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